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Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress

We, the undergraduate student body of Hamline University, operating within the authority granted us by the Board of Trustees, in order to govern ourselves, to broaden the representative character of the student body, to foster high ideals of conduct, to foster traditions, and to promote unity and cooperation among the students, do ordain and establish this Constitution.

Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress (HUSC) is the student government of Hamline University. HUSC works with faulty, staff, and administration to make sure students’ voices are heard. Another part of HUSC’s job is the management and distribution of funds to the many student organizations on campus. Every undergraduate student is a member of HUSC – they can attend General Assembly meetings to share their opinions and vote on resolutions being discussed. Aside from general members, there are approximately 30 elected and appointed positions within HUSC including an executive board, representatives from each class, and residence hall representatives.

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As representatives of the undergraduate student body, HUSC would like to congratulate Margaret Tunseth on her recent appointment to the position of senior vice president for business, finance, and technology at Hamline University! Tungseth will provide leadership and management of the university’s finance, ITS, facilities services, and human resources departments. She’s done incredible work so far in her career and we’re excited to see what she has planned for Hamline! 

Read more about Tungseth here:http://www.hamline.edu/news/2014/hamline-names-sr-vp-for-business-finance-and-technology/

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Hamline University 2013-2014 Year

Build connections between students, faculty, and staff.

Collaborate with various campus departments.

Create a HUSC that empowers student organizations.

Become the gateway to students about campus information.

Advocate for students’ needs in academics and student life.

Represent the undergraduate student body.