Political Affairs Committee Chair

Political Affairs Committee Chair: Peter Howitz

Email: huscpac@hamline.edu

Major: Legal Studies with Paralegal Cert. and Political Science

Hometown: Shoreview, MN

Interests/Hobbies: BERNIE SANDERS, hanging out/playing games with friends, doing things and going places for random reasons (going to all 20 MN Casinos, going to Duluth at 3 am and making it back in time for my 8 am class, biking to Brainerd, etc...), BERNIE SANDERS, hanging out at Target (I love Target), and shopping.

Favorite Television Show: Portlandia

Fun Fact: I was kicked out of a courtroom for having too many chicken nuggets.

Goal For HUSC: As a whole: create a cohesive team that is more than capable of advocating for students on campus, focusing on specific issues such as building accessibility and using clean energy on campus.

As PAC Chair: Review HUSC's Constitution and bylaws, as well as to work with student organizations to review their own constitution and bylaws.