Grants/Funds Application


If you would like to complete an application for a Contingency, Conference, or Challenge Grant Fund, you can find them below. Our goal is to work with and support you and your organization as best as we can. Don't hesitate to reach out to the HUSC Econonomic Affairs Committee (EAC) Chair at Follow the instructions below to fill out and submit your forms here:

First and foremost, please double check that all sections of your form have been completed. If applications are incomplete they will be sent back. EAC does NOT receive ANY applications via email. If you submit an application via email, we will redirect you to the online Google Form.

Download your application as a PDF (if you haven't already) and label it as follows:

Individual: Name.TypeOfFund.Date

Organization: OrgName.TypeOfFund.Date

After your submission, the HUSC EAC Chair will be in contact with you shortly thereafter to set up a meeting time. Working with you is our priority and we want to make the experience as easy and efficient as possible. However, we cannot guarantee an expedited response. In addition, please be mindful that we may not be able to meet during your given availability. If it is not possible to meet before your deadline, we will work with you via email. Be aware that this may lengthen the process.

Remember, the amount you requested is not guaranteed to be funded in full. EAC retains the right to request and send a revision of the requested fund. Any and all submissions will be approved to the discretion of EAC. We will try and do our best to support you and your organization.

Conference Fund Application

NEW.Conference Fund Application 19/20

Contingency Fund Application Form

NEW.Contingency Fund Application 19/20

Collaboration Request Form

HUSC Collaboration Request Form

Challenge Grant Application