HUSC Committees

Economic Affairs Committee (EAC)

Led by Chair Grace Ryan, EAC is charged with ensuring the financial well-being of the congress. The committee is responsible for proposing the annual student congress fee, reviewing the budgets submitted from all chartered student organizations, as well as, setting the conference, contigency, and challenge grant funds. On a day-to-day basis, EAC strives to provide assistance and information to all students and organizations seeking funding from the congress. EAC meets weekly to provide a forum for student concerns and funding proposals. For more information, contact EAC at

Political Affairs Committe (PAC)

Led by Chair Madison Gaffney, PAC reviews student organization constitutions to pass them through the chartering process along with running and facilitating both fall and spring elections. The PAC committee is also knowledgeable in the HUSC constitution and bylaws. For more information, contact PAC at

Student Organizations Committee (SOC)

Led by Chair Ray Doss, SOC is charged with overseeing all HUSC-Chartered Student Organizations. SOC helps those wanting to become chartered, plan monthly "All-Org Meetings," and assist organizations with any issues that might arise. For more information, contact SOC at

Public Relations Committee (PRC)

Led by Chair Jessie Luévano, PRC is the marketing branch of student government. The committee develops marketing and social media techniques with the intention of making HUSC visible and accessible to every student on campus. PRC acts as a resource to student organizations regarding promotion and publicity around campus. For more information, contact PRC at