General Assembly

On the left is Vice President Ikram Mohamud. On the right is Secretary Ray Doss.

General Assembly

General Assembly is every Tuesday during Convo Hour (11:30AM-12:30PM).

General Assembly is the open forum designed for undergraduate students to come and voice concerns about their Undergraduate experience. All students are welcome to sit in and participate in General Assembly. It's the job of the HUSC Elected Council to assist the student in any way possible.

When issues arise that require a vote, there are 4 options that the voting body may use:

Abstain- Use this as your vote if you have a conflict of interest in the matter at hand.

Present- Use this as a soft no, or if you think that the matter at hand has a fatal flaw. In this case, use the any further discussion or questions to defend your vote.

Yes- You are in favor of the motion in discussion

No- You are not in favor of the motion in discussion

If you have anything you want added to a General Assembly agenda please email